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Mon. - Thurs. Open 12 noon

Last Seating 8:45pm 


Fri. - Sat. Open 12 noon

Last Seating 9:30pm 


Sun. Open 12 noon

Last Seating 8:00pm

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For information and call aheads

please call 201.576.0400.

We do not accept reservations by email, facebook, messenger or instagram.

We Do Not Take Reservations 

All seating will be first come first served. 30 minute call aheads for larger groups will be accepted if space is available. 


If space permits we will take walk-ins or call ahead tables until 9pm 


In the event we experienced inclement weather during your seating you will be provided with a takeout container to pack your food and continue to enjoy dinner at home. 


We will hold call ahead tables for no more than 15 minutes after

call ahead time. 


*Your full party is required to be present in order to be seated.

Due to the rising cost of doing business & to prevent an increase in prices, we will apply a surcharge of 2.80% on credit card payments.

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