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Mon. - Thurs. Open 12 noon

Last Seating 8:45pm 


Fri. - Sat. Open 12 noon

Last Seating 9:30pm 


Sun. Open 12 noon

Last Seating 8:00pm

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For information and reservations

please call 201.576.0400.

We do not accept reservations by email, facebook, messenger or instagram.

*We are offering 2 hour seatings 

*We do not take reservation Fridays & Saturdays  between 6pm & 9pm.

Between these hours seating will be first come first served. 30 minute call aheads for larger groups will be accepted if space is available. 


*If space permits we will take walk-ins or call ahead tables until 9pm 


*All guest are asked to please remain 6ft apart from other guests 


*All guests must wear a mask while inside the building. You are welcome to remove it once you are seated. 


*We reserve the right to cancel any outdoor reservation due to inclement weather.  


*In the event we experienced inclement weather during your seating you will be provided with a takeout container to pack your food and continue to enjoy dinner at home. 


*No guest will be allowed if they are exhibiting signs of Covid-19 


*Upon arrival for your reservation we ask that only 1 member of the party checks in with the hostess in order to comply with the social distancing regulation. 


*Your reservation is for a 2 hour seating. 


*We will hold the table for no more than 15 minutes after

reservation time. 


* Your full party is required to be present in order to be seated.

Due to the rising cost of doing business & to prevent an increase in prices, we will apply a surcharge of 2.80% on credit card payments.

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